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Review Zoom + or – buttons



If you look on the top right on the back of your camera you will probably notice two buttons that have a plus (+) or minus (-) symbol next to them. Though used for a lot of different functions on many different cameras a primary function is Review image Zoom. Have you ever taken a picture and knew for sure you got the shot? Then opened it in Photoshop at home to find the focus off? Using the Review Zoom buttons could have saved you that anguish.

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Using your AE button



Your AE our maybe AEL is your Auto Exposure Lock button. This button locks in your Auto Exposure and White balance settings when you take a shot. Where this is very handy is if your camera keeps focusing on an object off to the side of your subject and you want it changed.  You can aim your camera, and maybe zoom in a little, at the object you want to focus on, depress the shutter button halfway to let auto-focus do its job. Press and hold the AE button, then re-compose back to your original position and press the shutter button. Wallah, focus control.



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DSLR Quick Tips for the Photographer on the Go

quick-tips copySometimes we don’t have time to read an entire tutorial or even browse through one to find the short answer. With this in mind we have created a quick tips section that is designed to give a basic summary of what a full tutorial would offer. This should prove helpful for someone who has already taken the time to read a full blown tutorial on say the rule of thirds and just wants a quick refresher before they go shoot a family wedding or baby shower. We will continually be adding tot he section so check back often.

DSLR Quick Tips

DSLR Battery Temperature Matters.


Quick Tip #3

If you have ever been shooting in very cold conditions then you have experience poor battery performance. A few simple suggestions  will help you get the most out of those batteries. Sometimes the simplest things are the easiest to over look. Keeping your batteries at a decent warm temperature is critical to ensuring you get the most shots possible from each charge.

Keeping your batteries warm in cold weather is very important to how long the batteries will last until a recharge is needed. Most batteries will start dis-charging in a temp of 40 degrees F or lower with out being actually used. So keeping them warm is critical to good performance. Plus you get many less exposures from cold batteries. As much as a 50% reduction is not uncommon.

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