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CowboyStudio 20 x 28in Photo Softbox

cowboy studio 20x28" softboxIf you have been pricing soft-boxes for your home studio, you have definitely suffered from sticker shock. How can they charge hundreds of dollars for a couple of pieces of cloth and a metal mount? An average amateur photographer is not going to spend that kind of money for a soft-box, and why should they when there are other options available. Cowboy Studio has been a really good source for me for affordable photo gear, so I decided to give their 20 x 28″ soft-boxes a try. At under $30 each, shipped to your door, they are a steal if they are even remotely usable. But we will find out as we assemble and test them out. 
CowboyStudio 20 x 28in Photo Softbox for Strobe with Carry Case


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What do the numbers on camera lenses mean?

SONY DSCIf your fairly new to using a DSLR then the numbers on the front and sides of the camera lens can be a bit confusing. It doesn’t have to be. we will explain to you what each set of numbers does or represents,and how this is important to you the amateur photographer, both for buying and using the lens. 

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How do I get my Spouse into Photography.

SONY DSCYour a photographer, be it Amateur or Pro and you would like to get your spouse involved in the hobby with you. This is an all too commonly asked question that may or may not have a specific or direct answer. What can we do to share something that we love, with someone that we love??? Keep reading to find out.

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Traveling Photography Tips

There are a couple of things to remember when traveling and your taking your trusty DSLR along with you. From how your recording your images, to how you get to keep your gear and avoid getting it stolen. Sometimes it is the little things that we forget about that can be lifesavers later on. Keep reading to find out what these are. Read more

How many megapixels does my DSLR need?

mega1Whenever I run into someone with a new camera the first thing they say after I notice and comment on it, is the number of megapixels it has. The megapixel war is apparently still going strong in the minds of all us photographers. But realistically, how many megapixels is enough for the average amateur photographer. Do you need 24+ megapixels or is 10 enough? Does 8mp meet the needs of the average consumer or do they need 14? Lets do little research and find out.

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