Using your AE button



Your AE our maybe AEL is your Auto Exposure Lock button. This button locks in your Auto Exposure and White balance settings when you take a shot. Where this is very handy is if your camera keeps focusing on an object off to the side of your subject and you want it changed.  You can aim your camera, and maybe zoom in a little, at the object you want to focus on, depress the shutter button halfway to let auto-focus do its job. Press and hold the AE button, then re-compose back to your original position and press the shutter button. Wallah, focus control.



Quick use list

  1. If you want to focus for the background or shadows and then recompose for your image to be taken.
  2. Locking in the focus and white balance for a panorama shot.
  3. For shooting a series of high speed action shots.
  4. AE button can often be reprogrammed to do other functions.

Good Luck and Keep Shooting Str8!



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