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If you look on the top right on the back of your camera you will probably notice two buttons that have a plus (+) or minus (-) symbol next to them. Though used for a lot of different functions on many different cameras a primary function is Review image Zoom. Have you ever taken a picture and knew for sure you got the shot? Then opened it in Photoshop at home to find the focus off? Using the Review Zoom buttons could have saved you that anguish.

Usually the buttons are used for something else during image making and then re-tasked to zoom only when your reviewing your images. You will notice the little blue plus and minus in a magnifying glass on this Sony Alpha 55. To use the buttons simply press the image review button on camera, the press the + button to zoom in. Alternately you press the Minus button to zoom out. You can then use the 4 way controller on your Camera to move left right and up and down to zoom into the spot you want to check focus on. This way you never have to wonder if you got it or not, your looking deep into the image to see it clear as daylight.


Good Luck and Keep Shooting Str8!!!

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