Time Lapse of a Mississippi Dock Being Taken Out

 I just created my first time lapse video using the Intervalometer I reviewed in an earlier article. I have been wanting to do this for a while now and finally found a subject that was tailor made for it. I will write up a how to on the steps I used to make the video in a later article. Till Then Enjoy the show.

  All 342 images used in the animation were shot using a Sony Alpha 550 with the 18-55mm kit lens that comes in the A550L package. ISO 200 and an aperture of 5.6 I shot the first half using a 30 second time delay and the second half using a 15 second delay, since the last half of the process was going to be much quicker. All images were shot in RAW and Converted to JPEG using Photoshop Elements 9 in a batch conversion.

Sometime in the future I hope to take these images and remake this using better software and hardware and taking more time to edit the images themselves.I started to batch process them in Photoshop but reached it’s 200 photo limit in Adobe Raw. Until I figure out how to overcome this limitation I will have to be satisfied with the results I received here.

Disclaimer.  I have zero experience editing videos, and the computer I did this on was outdated and underpowered to say the least. Being my first attempt, I am semi-satisfied with the results but see many areas for improvement. The first is the software I used to create the video. I used Windows Movie Maker version 5.1. Though it is a handy piece of software to play with, it leaves a lot of room to improve. I think software designed more for what I am doing would be a major improvement.

Here is a link to the article on the intervalometer I used to make this Time lapse video.


Amazon Links to get the Intervalometer used here.


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  1. Caden says:

    Tim,It is YOU who are wrong with numbers. Neil mentioned 40 students, not 30 as you wrote. Although there are 4 classes for K, only 13 pupils per class. Among those students, barely 40 are from LicnTln.ohanks Neil to bring enrollment number into the picture.

  2. Serveur says:

    Each canon is different, your manual will help you out, but my A570IS timer is accessed through the menu. My G10 is accessed on the back of the camera. Time to get the manual out.After you enable the timer, push the shutter button and it should start to flash red, then you have several seconds to get in position before the picture is taken.References :

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