Upload to DropBox from your Eye-Fi Card, Yes it can be done.


Eye-Fi built in a lot of functionality to upload and share your images once they transfer to your pc, using your wireless network. They included sites such as Facebook, Flickr and several others. Unfortunately they do not currently have a partnership with DropBox, so this was not included in the software. But this doens’t mean you cannot upload to your dropbox folder. Keep reading to find out how.

Eye-Fi Pro X2 8 GB Class 6 SDHC Wireless Flash Memory Card EYE-FI-8PC

Multiple paths
There are a couple of different ways to accomplish automatic uploads to your dropbox account. Both ways involve the location that you specify the files from your Eye-fi card get saved to. Since DropBox automatically uploads all the files that you place in its folder, it just makes sens that if your Eye-fi card was to upload it’s file into your dropbox folder then they too would get uploaded to your folder in the cloud.

First thing you need to do is find out the location of your Dropbox folder. Do this by right clicking on your DropBox icon on the toolbar by the clock. Then select preferences and once the preferences window opens, click on the “advanced” tab. Under Dropbox location is where your Dropbox files are placed. Anything located in this folder will be uploaded to your folder on Dropbox in the cloud.

Add Eye-Fi Folder
Next go to your Dropbox folder in “My Computer”and add a new folder called “Eye-Fi”. Do this by right clickingin and open area of the folder and selecting ‘new’ then ‘folder’ and naming it ‘eye-fi’.

Change Eye-Fi Save Location
Next we need to change the location that our Eye-Fi Center uploads our images to. Open Eye-Fi Center and under each type of file you have to change the file location, under the computer tab to the Eye-Fi folder located in your DropBox folder.

Everything uploads.
Now when your eye-fi card uploads Jpeg and Raw files to your computer, Dropbox will automatically sync them to your online folder, giving you an instant backup of your images. Plus allowing you to access them anywhere in the world whenever you want.

Good luck and keep shooting Str8.

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2 comments on “Upload to DropBox from your Eye-Fi Card, Yes it can be done.

  1. Johanna says:

    I’m hoping to upload photos that are passed from my eye-fi card to my android device automatically – just as the photos I take with the android phone are. Ideas?
    Thank you !

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