SHOOT Wireless Shutter Release Remote for Digital SLR Cameras RMT-DSR1

Have you ever been the one that had to run to the camera, set the timer, then hurry back into the picture and try to act natural about it. Or have you tried using a wired remote for your camera and not been able to keep the cord out of the way? Or worse yet, tripped over the cord and yanked that $1000 camera and tripod over. Then keep reading, we have the solution for you.

Wireless Shutter Release Remote for Sony Alpha A700, A900, DSLR-A230, DSLR-A330 Digital Cameras


The Remote
I recently stumbled across SHOOT RMT-DSR1 hand held wireless remote trigger with timer while perusing for cheap camera gear. I wasn’t really looking for a remote for my Sony Alpha 550, but for the price I thought I would check it out.  And best of all…. it was only $.01. Well sort of. The remote costs just one thin penny, with $4.99 Shipping and handling. So for $5 you get the remote shipped to your door. I placed my order and 4 days later I had it in my hands.

First Impressions
It comes packaged in a small box with a sheet of instructions. The remote is wrapped in plastic. Pretty basic, but adequate packing. There is a shipping tab located on the end of the remote to isolate the battery connections until your ready to use the remote. You simply grasp the tab and pull it straight down and out to activate it. Hang on to this tab, it is very easy to put back in the unit, and will make storing the unit safer, and prevent battery drain. The battery it uses is the 3 volt CR2025 Lithium coin battery. A few years ago this would have been a mark against it, because of the cost and availability of this style battery. Not so much anymore as more and more devices are using this battery, so price and availability are more reasonable.

Compact Size

The first thing you will notice about the remote is how compact it is. It is a mere 3 3/8″ by 1 1/2″ by about 1/4″ thick. It fits nicely in the palm of your hand, and is easy to conceal when you are going to be in teh photo. I read a review about this remote that complained of it size being to big. That is just ridiculous. It is just about the perfect size to conceal in the palm of your hand. Unless you have ridiculously small hands that is. Any smaller and I would lose it anyway.

The Controls
The controls are pretty self explanatory. Place your camera into ‘Remote Control’ mode. Press the ‘S’ button and you activate the shutter immediately. Press the ‘2S’ button and there is roughly a 2 second delay prior to activation of the shutter.The Shutter button does not have a half press for focus, so your camera has to focus itself prior to snapping the shot. When the Sony A550 is put into Remote mode, it puts the camera into continuous focus mode, so it focuses automatically. It should be this way for most cameras. I am not sure about other manufacturers, but it shouldn’t be hard to manually put the camera into continuous focus anyway. Another alternative is to set the focus manually prior to the shot, and turn auto-focus off.

Why Do You Need This?

This is a pretty good question to ask prior to buying anything for your camera. For probably 98% of your shots, you will not HAVE to have this remote. It could still be used but it will not be required. But, when you want that tack sharp shot with no movement of the camera from you physically actuating the shutter release, then this is the device for you. A wired remote like the MC-36B will definitely do the job, but you have wires in the way and are limited to the length of the cord.

The documentation says the remote has a range of about 30 meters, a little less than 100 feet. I only tested it out to about 20 feet, but it fired reliably every time at that distance. Macro photography, portraits, landscapes and product photography are all good examples of where this remote could come in handy for the photographer. Any time you do not want to introduce external movement to the camera for a photo this remote will benefit you.

One thing to note about this remote is that it is an “Infrared” remote contro,. not a radio remote. What this means is you have to have a line of sight to the front of your camera, where the infrared sensor is located, to actuate the shutter on the camera.The only time this may become a real problem is if your using a really wide angle lens for say a landscape shot and you don’t want to be in the photo. But, hey, that’s what the 2 second delay button is for.

Alternatives to This Remote?

Sony has their version of this remote, the Sony Alpha RMT-DSLR1 Camera Remote (Black) , that obviously has many more functions than the Shoot model. But it also costs around $20 more to buy than this one.



Canon has the Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote Controller that sells for $20+. But from all outward appearances it is a relabeled Chinese knock off that sells for under $10 every where else. Like the shoot model at the right.


I have not been able to locate a Nikon version of an infrared remote, but Opteka has the Opteka RC-2 Wireless Remote Control for Nikon . 

For the money, I believe this is indeed a good investment to add to your camera bag arsenal. It is also lightweight and compact, so it’s not going to break your back carrying it around with you. The build quality is pretty good, and if taken care of should last a good long time.So pick up your remote and keep shooting.

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2 comments on “SHOOT Wireless Shutter Release Remote for Digital SLR Cameras RMT-DSR1

  1. rebo1941 says:

    I have a Shoot remote shutter release – kind with cord – a MC-DC1. Never could understand the instructions, but used it anyway to manually operate the shutter release. Not very sturdily made. The small male end that goes into the camera (D80) just came apart. Made in China. Guess you get what you pay for. I’m not a professional and probably used the shutter release a dozen times. Shoot shot my experience with its products. Never again.

  2. faresaddine says:

    I haven’t used it with P7000 but in case of D80 and D90, once you put shutter release mode into remote mode, you don’t have to go and put it back on remote mode. There should be some way to do it for your camera. – See more at:

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