Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

I would like to wish everyone out there a wonderful Holiday Season. This time of year can be hectic to say the least. So make sure you stop and take some time to appreciate those friends and family that surround you. It can be way too easy to forget that there are a lot of important things right in front of you that you never really take to heart until it’s too late. Utilize the holidays to catch up with old friends or family that you may not see the rest of the year.

First and foremost, be thankful for what God has given you. I hope everyone gets that great new piece of gear that they wanted. A Sony Alpha 77 would be nice under my tree but I doubt that will be in the stocking this year ;-). I encourage everyone to get that camera out and get pictures during your family celebrations. These memories are yours to preserve for eternity. Looking back through those pictures in years to come will be nothing short of a miraculaous adventure. Make sure you get some shots of those certain individuals in your family that always put their hands up and try to avoid being in the picture. Those are the ones that later in life will be cherished the most. It also gives you an opportuniy to enhance you stealth picture taking ability.


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