Menik Strobe – User Guide – Control Panel

Hopefully you received your new lights OK, and you have now set them up on your tripod and are ready to take some amazing photos.If your not familiar with photographic strobes, there are going to be some confusing aspects that you will need to get cleared up in your head before we go to far. Labeling on many devices leaves something to be desired. Here I will explain what it should say on each control.

Starting at the top left of the control panel and going around in a counter clockwise motion,,,, if you click on the top left image you can blow it up for a better view of the labels.

FREE PROP – This button actually controls the way your modeling light reacts/
TEST – Pressing this test fires the strobe.
BUZZ – This turns on/off the beep that sounds upon the flash being fully charged and ready to fire.
POWER – Big green rocker switch with a  light that turns the power on and off.
FUSE/110V-120V – This combo socket holds the protective fuse and the socket to plug the Electrical cord into.
SYNC – A 1/4″ socket that is used to interconnect multiple strobes and your camera to allow them all to fire together.
POWER DIAL – THis Silver knob rotates to set the power output of the flash tube.

PROTECT – This light will come on to indicate a failure of some sort inside the unit.
OVER TEMP – This light comes on if you do no allow the unit to cool enough between shots to prevent overheating.
CELL – This button sets the way the Photo Cell reacts to a master flash.
LCD READOUT– The LCD readout in the middle of the control panel displays the level of power output set by the ‘POWER DIAL’.

The rest of the strobe doesn’t have any real controls that are used for the operation of the strobe, except for the mounting bracket. There is a button on the front of the strobe that is used to release the protective cover and also to release any light modifiers that you would add  to the unit later. You simply slide it in one direction and it releases the cover/modifier.


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