Str8Shot Photo Tech One Year Anniversary

Can you believe it has been one year since we started the Str8shot Photo Tech blog? At the outset I wanted to provide a service to those amateur photographers out that want to improve upon their skills, with either new gear or simple ways to make things easier. I believe we have made a good start, and learned a lot along the way. 


Growing is Good

When this all started I just wanted a good place to be able to send people if they need a question answered, or a piece of gear reviewed, without all the commercial input and bias. As we go along I am exploring other ways to improve upon what has been started. I am entertaining the idea of guest bloggers to expand our base even more. If your interested, contact me, and I will be glad to talk with you about it.


What’s to come?

To be honest, I cannot say exactly what direction things will turn. I have some ideas, and hopefully you, the readers, will give me feedback on what you would like to see. As the year has gone on I have seen what articles seem to get the most response from the readers and have really enjoyed communicating with you about them. Our site traffic has more than quadrupled this year and it just seems to be getting better every day. I never planned on competing with sites like DPreview, they do a LOT of very in depth reviews of hardware, and do it very well. I just wanted to cover some areas that many of the larger sites do not approach. Hands on average users reviews of equipment, whether it is name brand, main stream or not. In the end I just want to make sure that you the reader do not waste your hard earned money on something that does not perform as it should. Or allow you the option to pick up something that is more affordable than a branded item, without the worry that you can not get the same results with it.


Thanks to you the Readers.

I cannot thank you, the readers enough for your support, guidance and general friendship. Having such a great group of supportive people behind you, while you are struggling to find your direction in this maze that is the World Wide Web, is a very comforting feeling to have as a writer / photographer. I hope the next year will bring us even closer together and that we can help you be a better photographer, and enjoy your hobby that much more.


Moving to a New Site Soon.

I am in the process of transferring the Str8shot Photo Tech Blog to its own domain on a private server. This should happen over the next several months. I will be sure and let you readers know when this happens and hopefully we can make it a smooth transition. We will be transferring to Blogger has been great in getting us started, but there are some features that I can’t get, and do not have direct control of on here. I want to make sure we can keep up with the demand of our readers and organize the site so that it is easier to navigate and peruse older articles.


Thanks again to all of you and keep shooting.


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Is an amateur photographer and writer who enjoys sharing information with others. "Technical information sharing is a critical part of helping everyone become a better photographer. If you don't know it, you can't do it!" From Film to Digital, photography has changed a lot, but the idea of learning hasn't.

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