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We occasionally get people asking if we accept guest bloggers, and the answer is yes we do. Our goal at Str8shot Photo is to get information to our readers to help them any way we can. So the more information and sources we can compile together for them, the better. Keeping in mind that we are geared towards the amateur photographer, so all submissions must be written with that in mind.


What Topics? Generally any article that relates to Photography in some manner or form. We also allow articles concerning any devices or tips based on devices that a photographer may use after the fact. Such as computers and their software, hardware such as printers, scanners etc.

Tips and how-tos and product reviews seem to generate the largest following. Video tutorials are also accepted and embedded into your post.

Your Content: Any submission must be original content of the writer, not regurgitated or plagiarized content from another site or publication. This will be checked. If you do publish on our site we ask that you do not publish the same content on another site for at least 3 months. We are flexible and will discuss with the author any variations to this rule.

Links: You may have links in your article, provided they enhance or further expand on the content of the article. We do not allow amazon or Google affiliate links of any kind!

Photos: All submissions must include supporting  images. All images must be of original content with permission to publish readily available. If you are no the photographer, then a release for these images must be included with the submission. Also, model releases must be included for images that require it.

All images submissions are still considered property of the original photographer and the copyright is retained by them. As such we recommend water marking your images to prevent misuse. If you provide imagery from a stock photo site, please have available proof of purchase from the site when you submit.

Word Count: This we leave up to your discretion. Tiny little articles that don’t give any real information are pretty much pointless and will be ignored. On the same note, a 10,000 word tome on how to focus will probably not be a good choice either.

Editing: We reserve the right to make edits to your article submissions. We are not saying we will rewrite your article for you. We will mainly just make needed grammatical and layout changes if we deem them necessary. If we think your article needs rewriting we will contact you and ask you to make changes. This is not usually an issue, but we don’t want to offend a potential writer by changing their work dramatically and without authorization.

Videos: We do accept Video submissions, but there must be an accompanying written text article as part of the submission. We want the article to at the very least let the reader know what the video is trying to show them.

All videos must be hosted on a site that allows embedding of video content, such as Youtube and Vimeo. Permission must also be given for us to publish these embedded videos. We do not allow videos that have commercials/ads included as part of the video.

Compensation: At this time we do not compensate writers for their blogs. We are a very small organization that is doing this for the love of it, rather than the money. If at any time in the future things change and we start doing commercialized work we will revise this policy.  So for now the only compensation you receive is the simple satisfaction of helping out someone else in the world of photography.

What next: Your ready to submit your request to write an article or post a video on, so what next? We have created an article submission form that will allow you to submit your idea to us. Include your name, email a link to a website with a sample of your writing (if you have one). we do accept new writers if they show potential, a brief description of your idea including the topic, A link to your video if there is one and a description of the video.

Once we receive your idea, we will review everything and let you know if it is something we think will benefit the readers of Str8shot Photo or not. If we like it we will give you the ok to proceed with writing your article and give you a deadline for its publication. Keep in  mind we are a family site that does not allow vulgarities, political views or racial slurs. We want to concentrate on photographers and photography and avoid reality as much as we can.


Thank you for taking the time to read our guidelines, if you have any questions please contact us using our contact page.Button Contact Us


Button Start BlogginClick here to go to the Article submission request page. Fill out everything in its entirety and we will contact you very soon.

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Is an amateur photographer and writer who enjoys sharing information with others. "Technical information sharing is a critical part of helping everyone become a better photographer. If you don't know it, you can't do it!" From Film to Digital, photography has changed a lot, but the idea of learning hasn't.

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