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What is Exposure Compensation? and how do I use it?

20130320_105129Exposure compensation is an amazing little tool built into your camera that the majority of amateur photographers do not know anything about. Used in the correct way this little adjustment can be your best friend. There is really only one small drawback, you have to take your camera out of AUTO mode to use it. Scared? You shouldn’t be. Keep reading to learn how you are going to take better pictures from now on.

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Vivitar C51 Charger for Sony Alpha NP-FM500H Camera Batteries

Need a battery charger that you can take with you anywhere for your Sony Alpha Camera? Or just a replacement for your OEM charger? How about one that can charge from an accessory plug in your vehicle? Or that has a European adapter. The Vivitar C51 Charger for the Sony Alpha series of cameras that use the NP-FM500H can do the job , shipped to your door for under $5.

Battery Charger for Sony NP-FM500H DSLR-A200 A300 A350

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Digital SLR’s and why I chose Sony’s Alpha 550 for my first one..

I will attempt to explain my thought processes as to why I chose the Sony Alpha 550 DSLR over the Canon and Nikon models. This is not a review of the camera, but a review of the process I went through prior to buying it.
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