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What do the numbers on camera lenses mean?

SONY DSCIf your fairly new to using a DSLR then the numbers on the front and sides of the camera lens can be a bit confusing. It doesn’t have to be. we will explain to you what each set of numbers does or represents,and how this is important to you the amateur photographer, both for buying and using the lens. 

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What Do the Camera Icons (Modes) on the Dial Mean?

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Occasionally I get a new DSLR owner pull me aside (so no one else will see) and ask me what all the little icons (modes) on the dial mean, and how they should use them. This shouldn’t be an embarrassing question, but it appears everyone thinks it is.  Most manufacturers make a vain attempt at explaining their modes either in the manual, or on the LCD screen when you switch modes. But they assume most understand the rest of the operations on the camera and do not really gear the description for the amateur or newbie photographer. Here we will try and unlock the mysteries of the DSLR camera modes.


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How to Get the Correct Exposure with your DSLR

Ol+Mis+Dock001-186x1601If you have taken your camera out of Auto or Scene mode and tried to take pictures and failed miserably, It is probably because you do not understand how to get the proper exposure for your lens and body combination. Understanding and controlling exposure is something that can literally take years to even come close to mastering. Even then you are probably still going to learn something new every other time you drag out your camera. So what can we do to allow us to get the right exposure while we are still learning. Keep reading to find out.

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Avoid Motion With your DSLR For a While

SONY DSCThe majority of people who upgrade to a DSLR, do so because the point and shoot they were previously using was not able to capture the image they want. It seems that most of the time it is for capturing a sporting event their children are involved in or professional sports they want nice pictures of. Though your new camera does enable you to just about immediately go out and capture some motion shots, I am going to ask you to hold off on that for a little bit. Keep reading while I explain why.



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