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Clearmax Low Cost Battery and Charger for the Nikon D60, D40, D3000 and D5000

SONY DSCIf you have ever tried to buy a replacement battery for your Nikon D60 you have surely gotten a bit of a shock when you found out how much they cost. The Nikon EN-EL9a can heft a pretty price at around $50 per battery. What I am going to test here is an aftermarket battery and that costs a fraction of the price. I will also test out the aftermarket charger that adds a feature you don’t get with the factory Nikon charger. Both of these come in a package that costs less than half  ($20) as much as a single Nikon battery. So lets see how they do.

ClearMax EN-EL9 / ENEL9 High Capacity Battery and Multi Voltage Charger For Nikon D40, D40x, D60, D3000, D5000 Digital SLR Cameras


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Vivitar C51 Charger for Sony Alpha NP-FM500H Camera Batteries

Need a battery charger that you can take with you anywhere for your Sony Alpha Camera? Or just a replacement for your OEM charger? How about one that can charge from an accessory plug in your vehicle? Or that has a European adapter. The Vivitar C51 Charger for the Sony Alpha series of cameras that use the NP-FM500H can do the job , shipped to your door for under $5.

Battery Charger for Sony NP-FM500H DSLR-A200 A300 A350

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Meike Multi-Power Vertical/Battery Grip

Meike Battery Grip

If you have been looking for a battery grip for your DSLR, then you have experienced the sticker shock that goes along with this search. I am sure you have also stumbled across the much more affordable Chinese knockoffs that are out there. Like most of us you’re wary about whether the knockoff will do the job the name brand models will. Keep reading to find out.

VG-B50AM Compatible Battery Grip For Sony DSLR-A500 & A550 Alpha 500 550 Digital Cameras

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