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Q-strap (QuickStrap) Double Camera Sling for Digital SLR’s

Q-strap Double Sling

Last year I purchased and reviewed the Q-strap Quick Strap Camera Sling  , as an alternative to the Black Rapids Camera sling. I have used that sling religiously ever since, and it has held up great. They have recently released the two camera double sling version of that same strap, that sells for less than a third of the nearest competitors product. The question is does the quality of this strap hold up to its predecessor? And is it a viable replacement for the much higher priced name brand straps?

Q-strap Double Camera Sling

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10 Amateur Digital Photography Tips and Tricks

wasp flowerThis is one of the most common things that come up during a search for digital camera tips. 3 or 5 or 10 Digital Photography tips or tricks. It is amazing how much regurgitated data can be spewed out there for the reader to overcome.  The problem is that it almost has to be represented to the user verbatim, or basically the same every time. There are not a whole lot of ways of teaching someone the “Rule of Thirds” for instance. Just the same, it is important to know a lot of this information. It is also just as important to know when to move on from the basic tips and to progress into advanced techniques. 

So here are my top 10 Photography tips to help you become a better Photographer.

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Traveling Photography Tips

There are a couple of things to remember when traveling and your taking your trusty DSLR along with you. From how your recording your images, to how you get to keep your gear and avoid getting it stolen. Sometimes it is the little things that we forget about that can be lifesavers later on. Keep reading to find out what these are. Read more

What is Exposure Compensation? and how do I use it?

20130320_105129Exposure compensation is an amazing little tool built into your camera that the majority of amateur photographers do not know anything about. Used in the correct way this little adjustment can be your best friend. There is really only one small drawback, you have to take your camera out of AUTO mode to use it. Scared? You shouldn’t be. Keep reading to learn how you are going to take better pictures from now on.

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What Do the Camera Icons (Modes) on the Dial Mean?

a55 control

Occasionally I get a new DSLR owner pull me aside (so no one else will see) and ask me what all the little icons (modes) on the dial mean, and how they should use them. This shouldn’t be an embarrassing question, but it appears everyone thinks it is.  Most manufacturers make a vain attempt at explaining their modes either in the manual, or on the LCD screen when you switch modes. But they assume most understand the rest of the operations on the camera and do not really gear the description for the amateur or newbie photographer. Here we will try and unlock the mysteries of the DSLR camera modes.


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