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Clearmax Low Cost Battery and Charger for the Nikon D60, D40, D3000 and D5000

SONY DSCIf you have ever tried to buy a replacement battery for your Nikon D60 you have surely gotten a bit of a shock when you found out how much they cost. The Nikon EN-EL9a can heft a pretty price at around $50 per battery. What I am going to test here is an aftermarket battery and that costs a fraction of the price. I will also test out the aftermarket charger that adds a feature you don’t get with the factory Nikon charger. Both of these come in a package that costs less than half  ($20) as much as a single Nikon battery. So lets see how they do.

ClearMax EN-EL9 / ENEL9 High Capacity Battery and Multi Voltage Charger For Nikon D40, D40x, D60, D3000, D5000 Digital SLR Cameras


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Vivitar C51 Charger for Sony Alpha NP-FM500H Camera Batteries

Need a battery charger that you can take with you anywhere for your Sony Alpha Camera? Or just a replacement for your OEM charger? How about one that can charge from an accessory plug in your vehicle? Or that has a European adapter. The Vivitar C51 Charger for the Sony Alpha series of cameras that use the NP-FM500H can do the job , shipped to your door for under $5.

Battery Charger for Sony NP-FM500H DSLR-A200 A300 A350

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