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Cowboy Studio S45 Backlight strobe with Premium AC Swivel Adapter Light Socket

S45 Cowboy Studio backlight strobe.

If you have ever wanted to add some lighting effects to an image, such as hair accents, but your full size strobes are just a bit too much. Or you want to add a nice wash effect to your back drop, then the Cowboy Studio S45 Strobe may just be the answer to your prayers. Add the AC swivel light socket and you have a small compact strobe that you can enhance your photos with for around $35.

Cowboy Studio S45 Strobe with Stand

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CowboyStudio 24" or 32" 2-in-1 Circular Collapsible Disc Reflector, Gold/Silver

Gold Side of Reflector

What if I told you that for under $20 you could get rid of those harsh shadows that seem to be appearing whenever you use your camera mounted flash? Or if I said that you could warm up the skin on your subject by just using a hand held reflector? Interested? Keep reading to find out more.

24″ or 32″ 2-in-1 Circular Collapsible Disc Reflector, Gold/SilverĀ  Read more

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