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Cowboy Studio 2 channel Remote Trigger

SONY DSCYour setting up your new strobes for your first family portrait, everything is just about ready, when you feel a tug at your foot and turn around to find your brand new strobe falling to the floor and busting into a thousands tiny pieces. This scenario is repeated more often that you think. With the cost of remote triggers being so high most amateur photographers opt to use the wires that are included with most strobes as the activation source for their images. The problem is that these cords are everywhere when your done setting up, even if only for a couple of strobes. This tripping hazard is not only bad for your equipment, it could also get someone hurt in the process. Check out the remote triggers I found here to see if they can eliminate at least half the cords your going to have to use from now on.

Cowboystudio Radio Remote Trigger for Studio Strobe

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CowboyStudio 20 x 28in Photo Softbox

cowboy studio 20x28" softboxIf you have been pricing soft-boxes for your home studio, you have definitely suffered from sticker shock. How can they charge hundreds of dollars for a couple of pieces of cloth and a metal mount? An average amateur photographer is not going to spend that kind of money for a soft-box, and why should they when there are other options available. Cowboy Studio has been a really good source for me for affordable photo gear, so I decided to give their 20 x 28″ soft-boxes a try. At under $30 each, shipped to your door, they are a steal if they are even remotely usable. But we will find out as we assemble and test them out. 
CowboyStudio 20 x 28in Photo Softbox for Strobe with Carry Case


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Menik sw400 Strobe user guide – Quick Start

In this section of the User Guide we will get you up and running fast, so that you can enjoy your new unit. I will just pass over the basic function without too much detail. 

Menik SW-400 Photography Studio Monolight, with 75 W Model Lamp
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Menik Strobe – User Guide – Control Panel

Hopefully you received your new lights OK, and you have now set them up on your tripod and are ready to take some amazing photos.If your not familiar with photographic strobes, there are going to be some confusing aspects that you will need to get cleared up in your head before we go to far. Labeling on many devices leaves something to be desired. Here I will explain what it should say on each control.

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Cowboy Studio S45 Backlight strobe with Premium AC Swivel Adapter Light Socket

S45 Cowboy Studio backlight strobe.

If you have ever wanted to add some lighting effects to an image, such as hair accents, but your full size strobes are just a bit too much. Or you want to add a nice wash effect to your back drop, then the Cowboy Studio S45 Strobe may just be the answer to your prayers. Add the AC swivel light socket and you have a small compact strobe that you can enhance your photos with for around $35.

Cowboy Studio S45 Strobe with Stand

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