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Traveling Photography Tips

There are a couple of things to remember when traveling and your taking your trusty DSLR along with you. From how your recording your images, to how you get to keep your gear and avoid getting it stolen. Sometimes it is the little things that we forget about that can be lifesavers later on. Keep reading to find out what these are. Read more

Archiving and Backing up your DSLR images for Posterity

When I ask most amateur photographers how they are backing up their images from their DSLR, they all say they are saving them to the hard drive of their computer. When I say “no really what is your backup solution?” they get all glossy eyed and look at me like I just asked them to offer up their first born for sacrifice to the camera gods. If your backup is just copying your images to your Hard drive then you might as well delete them from the camera right now and save yourself the grief of losing them later. Keep reading if you want to keep your images forever.

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The 7 RULES of Photography

rulestoshootbySomebody becomes the best at anything they do by understanding the rules of the game or project they are involved in. If you don’t know the rules, you don’t have a chance. So here are some good photography rules to learn, that will definitely improve the way you take pictures. Keep in mind that these are Rules, not Laws. Nobody is going to jail for breaking them, but they are good starting points to help you take better shots.


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Avoid Motion With your DSLR For a While

SONY DSCThe majority of people who upgrade to a DSLR, do so because the point and shoot they were previously using was not able to capture the image they want. It seems that most of the time it is for capturing a sporting event their children are involved in or professional sports they want nice pictures of. Though your new camera does enable you to just about immediately go out and capture some motion shots, I am going to ask you to hold off on that for a little bit. Keep reading while I explain why.



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The Rule of Thirds for Amateurs

SONY DSCIf you have ever picked up a camera and been around other photographers you have undoubtedly heard of the Rule of Thirds. This rule is a composition aid to assist you in taking better and more informative pictures. Everyone has heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Unfortunately, in a badly composed picture those words may not be good ones. Or more simply the picture may not include enough information to warrant a thousand words.


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