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How many megapixels does my DSLR need?

mega1Whenever I run into someone with a new camera the first thing they say after I notice and comment on it, is the number of megapixels it has. The megapixel war is apparently still going strong in the minds of all us photographers. But realistically, how many megapixels is enough for the average amateur photographer. Do you need 24+ megapixels or is 10 enough? Does 8mp meet the needs of the average consumer or do they need 14? Lets do little research and find out.

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Are the Eye-Fi Wireless SD Cards Worth Your hard Earned Money?

Eye-Fi Pro X2 Wireless Memory Card 8gb

A lot of the items I review peak my interest, but none as much as this particular little item right here. The Eye-Fi 8Gb Pro X2 Wireless Memory Card has been on my want list for a long time. With the reduction in price for the holidays I finally pulled the trigger. Now to find out if it is everything they claim it to be.

I plan on doing a series of articles on this card. It covers so many possible functions , that I do not want to try and cram it all into one write up. I will start with a review of the card followed by an installation guide and end up on more specific functions of the card. So far it appears this card is going to be a valuable addition to my camera bag arsenal.

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