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Archiving and Backing up your DSLR images for Posterity

When I ask most amateur photographers how they are backing up their images from their DSLR, they all say they are saving them to the hard drive of their computer. When I say “no really what is your backup solution?” they get all glossy eyed and look at me like I just asked them to offer up their first born for sacrifice to the camera gods. If your backup is just copying your images to your Hard drive then you might as well delete them from the camera right now and save yourself the grief of losing them later. Keep reading if you want to keep your images forever.

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We Have Officially Moved to blog.str8shotphoto.com



It is official, we have now moved to our own server. I have been planning on moving for quite some time now, and recent events involving Google and an idiot named NiteCruzr in their supposed help forums have prompted me to make the switch.  Moving involves a lot of work redirecting everything and making sure my readers can always get the info they want or need. So bear with us during the transition phase. It will be worth the wait. 

Our new address — http://blog.str8shotphoto.com

Our Store Site —http://www.str8shotphoto.com

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10 Must have items for your DSLR?

10 Must haves for your DSLR Every where I look I see articles that say you MUST have this or that or your can’t get the shot. The fact of the matter is that the equipment doesn’t let you do anything. It is you that gets the shot, whether with a $1000+ DSLR or your point and shoot. What I am listing here is stuff that will make it a little bit easier to get the shot, for very little expense.

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Naked without your camera? Did you miss the shot of a lifetime? I did!

Have you ever been somewhere, and had that perfect shot present itself to you, only to realize you don’t have your camera with you? I recently had an experience that most of us can relate to. Read more

Str8Shot Photo Tech One Year Anniversary

Can you believe it has been one year since we started the Str8shot Photo Tech blog? At the outset I wanted to provide a service to those amateur photographers out that want to improve upon their skills, with either new gear or simple ways to make things easier. I believe we have made a good start, and learned a lot along the way. 


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