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CowboyStudio 20 x 28in Photo Softbox

cowboy studio 20x28" softboxIf you have been pricing soft-boxes for your home studio, you have definitely suffered from sticker shock. How can they charge hundreds of dollars for a couple of pieces of cloth and a metal mount? An average amateur photographer is not going to spend that kind of money for a soft-box, and why should they when there are other options available. Cowboy Studio has been a really good source for me for affordable photo gear, so I decided to give their 20 x 28″ soft-boxes a try. At under $30 each, shipped to your door, they are a steal if they are even remotely usable. But we will find out as we assemble and test them out. 
CowboyStudio 20 x 28in Photo Softbox for Strobe with Carry Case


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Menik sw400 Strobe user guide – Quick Start

In this section of the User Guide we will get you up and running fast, so that you can enjoy your new unit. I will just pass over the basic function without too much detail. 

Menik SW-400 Photography Studio Monolight, with 75 W Model Lamp
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Menik Strobe – User Guide – Control Panel

Hopefully you received your new lights OK, and you have now set them up on your tripod and are ready to take some amazing photos.If your not familiar with photographic strobes, there are going to be some confusing aspects that you will need to get cleared up in your head before we go to far. Labeling on many devices leaves something to be desired. Here I will explain what it should say on each control.

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Menik SW-400 – User Guide – Strobe Precautions

Menik Sw-400

OK so you have your strobe and your ready to unpack it from your box. Here are a few things you should know as a new strobe owner to ensure that you don’t unintentionally damage your new strobe before your get to use it for the first time.

Paying attention to these few tips will enable you to get many years of use out of your strobes and avoid self inflicted pain to yourself, others or your wallet.

Menik SW-400 Digital Studio Flash 

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Menik SW-400 Professional Studio Strobe – User guide index

Menik SW-400 Strobe

So you took the leap, much like I did and bought one or two of the Menik Sw-400 Mono-light Strobes. Like me, I am sure when you opened the box you were impressed by the build quality and the features you could see by just looking at the back panel. But all that was was overshadowed by a completely useless operators manual. Continue reading for several articles on the operation of the Menik SW-400 Strobe.

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