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Cowboy Studio 2 channel Remote Trigger

SONY DSCYour setting up your new strobes for your first family portrait, everything is just about ready, when you feel a tug at your foot and turn around to find your brand new strobe falling to the floor and busting into a thousands tiny pieces. This scenario is repeated more often that you think. With the cost of remote triggers being so high most amateur photographers opt to use the wires that are included with most strobes as the activation source for their images. The problem is that these cords are everywhere when your done setting up, even if only for a couple of strobes. This tripping hazard is not only bad for your equipment, it could also get someone hurt in the process. Check out the remote triggers I found here to see if they can eliminate at least half the cords your going to have to use from now on.

Cowboystudio Radio Remote Trigger for Studio Strobe

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SHOOT Wireless Shutter Release Remote for Digital SLR Cameras RMT-DSR1

Have you ever been the one that had to run to the camera, set the timer, then hurry back into the picture and try to act natural about it. Or have you tried using a wired remote for your camera and not been able to keep the cord out of the way? Or worse yet, tripped over the cord and yanked that $1000 camera and tripod over. Then keep reading, we have the solution for you.

Wireless Shutter Release Remote for Sony Alpha A700, A900, DSLR-A230, DSLR-A330 Digital Cameras


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