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Zeikos Hard Rubber Lens Hood (Black)

 I Recently went on the hunt for a lens hood for some of my pawn shop acquired lenses. For some reason they never seem to have them on them when you buy used. After some research I decided to give Zeikos another shot, since many of their affordable options have been more than adequate in the past. So for around $5 I think i may have found a viable hood. 


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Zeikos 3 Piece Camera Filter kit

3 Filters with a case

This review is for the Zeikos ZE-FLK55 55mm Multi-Coated 3 Piece Filter kit that I found on Amazon for $12.95. I picked these up for one reason. I wanted to try some filters out. I couldn’t see paying $20 or more for a filter if I didn’t know if I would use it, or even like the results it gave. So for less than the price of one filter I got 3 and a nifty carrying case for them all. I placed my order and waited, and waited, and then they finally came. It took a couple weeks from order to delivery.
Zeikos ZE-FLK55 55mm Multi-Coated 3 Piece Filter Kit

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